Oracle EPM 11.2.4 Released

While Oracle EPM Cloud may be all the range with new implementations and migrations, there is still a large contingent of on-premises customers that are very interested in 11.2.x. With support for ending at the end of this year, it’s more important now than ever to consider upgrading. On January 28, 2021, the newest patch, 11.2.4 was released by Oracle. With it, we finally get some almost kind of new functionality. Up until this point, the 11.2.x releases have mostly been technical upgrades to compatibility with databases or operating systems. With this patch, we finally get something back that we lost. You may remember in we had a home page with recently opened items, workspace pages, and quick links. It looked something like this:

When was released, we lost this page. Instead we just had a blank white page when we logged in. This new reality was a result of a rebuild of the R&A framework and was present all the way through 11.2.3. Now with 11.2.4, we finally have it back:

In addition to this change, there are a litany of bug fixes and a few other new features like the ability to migrate Public Section Planning applications from You can see Oracle’s announcement on the EPM Proactive Support blog here:

EPM System On-Premise Release 11.2.4 is available!

Until next time…enjoy your new login screen!