Oracle Cloud EPM Updates – July 2022

July updates will be applied to TEST environments during the first daily maintenance on Friday July 1st and to PROD environments during the first daily maintenance on July 15th.

Effective in July 2022 Update:

  • There are no new features specific to Planning in the July update
  • For Freeform applications, Oracle is introducing “Quick Start” checklists geared toward each of the 4 provisioning roles (Service Admin, Power Users, Users and Viewers)
  • There are a number of small updates within the EPM Common framework including:
    • A new Planning Admin Extension installation and update process that changes the extension to an SVEXT format which will allow the users to check for and install updated versions directly in Smart View. Previously users had to download the extension and then install using a wizard.  One caveat: you MUST uninstall the old MSI version of the extension using the Windows Programs and Features.  Failure to do so will result in the new SVEXT version not being recognized.
    • New REST API’s to 1) generate a group assignment audit report and 2) to view or update the IPAllow list.  Both of these new REST API’s provide additional self-service functionality to automate reporting for access control audit requirements and to eliminate the need to create a service request to Oracle for managing the allowed IP addresses in your environment.
    • To assist in tracking changes to Rules, the audit log now contains additional information when changes are made to a rule definition. The changes are displayed in both the History tab as well as the Audit Report.

Coming Soon:

  • Starting with the 22.10 update Audit records older than 365 days will be automatically purged at service startup. Service startup includes the daily maintenance window, service reset, or other outage (planned or unplanned). Purged audit records will not be stored or accessible so Oracle advises to take a backup of the historical audit data.

For more details on any of these topics please take a look at the documentation here: Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management July 2022 What’s New