Oracle Cloud EPM Updates – August 2022

Oracle posted several updates for August, and, in mid-July, they released Oracle Smart View for Office version 22.100 which is now available for download at My Oracle Support and Oracle Technical Resources

August updates will be applied to TEST environments during the first daily maintenance on Friday, August 5th, and to PROD environments during the first daily maintenance on Friday, August 19th.

Effective in August 2022 Update:

  • The Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Operations Guide has been updated to include an application design checklist for Account Reconciliation Implementation Success Program enrollment request and information on a new request for blocking access from specific countries to OCI (Gen 2) environments.
  • EPM Automate’s new version introduces the following commands: calculateModel, clearDataByPointOfView, copyDataByPointOfView, deletePointOfView, executeReportBurstingDefinition, getIPAllowlist, setIPAllowlist, and validateModel. It also has changes to the addUsers, recreate, replay, and updateUsers commands.
  • Migration REST APIs’ new version contains all parameters in the payload and does not require URL encoding while calling the REST APIs.
  • The EPM REST recreate API has been changed to not update the Essbase version if the EssbaseChange parameter is not specified.
  • A New Save As Option for Jobs is now available so developers can create duplicates of jobs and then update them, instead of creating new jobs each time. (Applies to Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management, Financial Consolidation and Close, FreeForm, Planning, Planning Modules, Tax Reporting)
  • A new Direct Drill feature makes it possible to drill through directly from an EPM form to source data when using the Quick Mode method to load data.

New Smart View Version 22.100:

The new version of Smart View (22.100) has several updates. For more information on the updates, please visit the Oracle blog post on the release.

  • In Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Smart View for Office extensions (SVEXT files) can now be downloaded from the Downloads page of the business process.
  • In standard mode, the new Member display option “Member Name and Alias” allows you to display both the member names and their aliases in separate columns on row dimensions in ad hoc grids.
  • As a reminder, the native mode Smart View Ad Hoc Behavior setting will eventually be phased out and Oracle recommends that you plan on switching your Smart View Ad Hoc Behavior application setting to Standard mode.
  • You can now import or export a grid to Excel ad-hoc with hidden dimension rows and columns without them getting moved to the POV.
  • Formula and text segments are not included in the ad-hoc output in Excel. Before this update, when importing or exporting a grid to Excel ad-hoc with formula and text segments, the formula and text content were included as static (non-refreshable) text. 
  • Standard mode has been updated to allow repeated members be suppressed in Smart View ad hoc grids.  This was previously only available in native mode.
  • In the new update there are also new cell styles for Parent and Child members in forms and ad hoc grids, in addition to the existing ability to set cell styles for members. The Planning Admin Extension also supports cell styles when editing dimensions. You can now highlight the parent and child members within the member hierarchy by assigning them different formatting such as a font style, a background color, and a border color.

For more details on any of these topics please take a look at the documentation here: Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management August 2022 What’s New