Oracle Cloud EPM Updates – September 2022

Welcome to the Olympus Consulting monthly(ish) Oracle Cloud EPM update highlights series!  This month, there are a few new features and a variety of smaller updates and enhancements.

September updates will be applied to TEST environments during the first daily maintenance on Friday, September 2nd, and to PROD environments during the first daily maintenance on Friday, September 16th.

Effective in September 2022 Update:

  • Financial Consolidation and Close and Tax Reporting customers can now perform a data load dry run in Data integration, which allows you to scan a data load file for invalid records before loading it to an application. The system validates the data load file and lists any invalid records into a log. When this option is selected, data is not loaded to the target application.
  • Narrative Reporting introduced Shared Reports as a new artifact type.  It designates all report objects – Grids, Charts, Text boxes, and Images – in the shared report as shared objects. These Shared Objects can be inserted into other Reports and be maintained in one place. If a Shared Object is updated in its source shared report, all the subscribing reports that contain the shared object will be automatically updated.
  • EPM Cloud uses a new multi-pass solution when performing metadata loads as a part of cloning environments or importing snapshots using Migration or EPM Automate. With multi-pass, multiple loads are automatically initiated until the load no longer fails due to rejected records.
  • Task Manager now includes a new standard report to summarize all user comments added to tasks.  You can run the “Task Comments” report for a particular Period or Schedule to display all the comments users entered on their tasks.
  • When creating custom queries, you can now generate the execution plan and validate the query in Account Reconciliation, Task Manager, Supplemental Data Manager, and Enterprise Journals.
  • The Supplemental Data Manager is now enhanced to add new features including improved Workflow and Viewer user assignments on recurring and ad-hoc forms and a new multi-line text attribute.
  • Oracle increased the size limit for saving Office documents to the EPM Cloud Library from Smart View to 20 MB.  The previous limit was 5MB.
  • The EPM Integration Agent can now use the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol to access OCI (Gen 2) Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud environments.

For more details on any of these topics please take a look at the documentation here: Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management September 2022 What’s New