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Why Choose Olympus?

Olympus Consulting was founded on the principles of innovation and teamwork.  We innovate the products we implement through a combination of functional experience and technical expertise.  When we find limitations in the products that we implement, we see this as an opportunity and a challenge to extend those products until we meet the needs of our clients.  Through this innovation we have created various tools to accelerate our implementations.

Part of this innovation is how we at Olympus view our teams and projects.  Whether a project is staffed by one consultant or ten consultants, we bring the full force of our team and our ability to support one another regardless of project assignments.  You don’t just get part of Olympus, you get the entire team.

Innovative Oracle EPM Solutions to Drive Organizational Change

Who We Are

Experienced EPM resources with innovative solutions and a diverse skillset to ensure that any project can be successfully executed.

Our Mission

Provide clients with the highest quality EPM experience using a proven methodology that ensures client interaction and satisfaction.

Our Vision

Empower clients to adopt excellent EPM applications while having a positive impact on the EPM community at large through the knowledge we share.

Our Core Values Provide Our Foundation

Clients First

Always do the right thing for the client, no exceptions.


Never satisfied with product limitations, we always find a way.


Have integrity and be honest with the client and each other.


Clients get all of us together, not just one of us.