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Hybrid Essbase Webinar

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Kscope22 Top Speaker Award Presentation!

Kscope22 Top Speaker Award Presentation!

Hybrid Essbase has now been around for a long time. But if your experience is with the product found in On-Premises Essbase, you can take most of what you learned and flush it down the toilet. The Hybrid Essbase engine found in the cloud is not your grandfathers’ Essbase and while it can be amazing, it can also be infuriating. Join Olympus Consulting’s Brian Marshall as he presents his Kscope22 Top Speaker Award presentation discussing all aspects of working with Hybrid Essbase in Oracle Cloud EPM. We will discuss how to use various new settings to avoid aggregations of any kind and even get into a discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of a reporting cube…even with Hybrid Essbase (*Gasp*). Now that Hybrid Essbase is the default Essbase going forward, and the only Essbase in FCC, this session will be vital for understanding the limitations and strengths of the next generation version of Essbase.